Land solutions

Land solutions

Tototheo Group provides a broad portfolio of global voice, broadband data, M2M and value-added services. From oil and gas engineers carrying out remote diagnostics on an oil wellhead, through to journalists reporting live with breaking news, our services offer a compelling proposition for businesses requiring 'must-have' remote, fixed and mobile connectivity.

Journalists in remote areas rely on satellite links to beam live and pre-recorded reports back to the newsroom, no matter where the story breaks.

In the search for new reserves, companies often work in remote areas beyond the reach of terrestrial communications. Our portfolio provides communications, wherever you are.

Mining companies operate in areas devoid of even basic communications. Our global voice and data services can help cut exploration rates, initiate rapid site set-up and much more.

When terrestrial communications fail following a man-made or natural disaster, we can provide responders an immediate and assured way to co-ordinate early relief operations.

Companies and sub-contractors working on projects in remote areas rely on our satellite and conventional communication solutions for sharing data and making real-time decisions.

Growing demand for financial services in remote and rural areas is often frustrated by the lack of connectivity with commercial centres and networks.

When you're responsible for ensuring goods arrive on time and in order, it pays to track and monitor your fleet. Our solutions provide greater safety and security for cargo and drivers.

The ability to communicate with the remotest parts of your service territory enables you to make better decisions based on enhanced diagnostics and monitoring of consumption.